Poems by Robyn A. Bishop
Copyright Robyn A. Bishop - All Rights Reserved


Colette was a much desired child
Her personality was caring and mild
Inward beauty, concern for others,
Full of grace, doting mother
Intelligent, thoughtful, giving and friendly
A terrific person, many would envy.

Kimmie was special to so many,
So like her mommy, gifts a-plenty.
Feminine, sensitive, tentative, smart,
A gift to the lives of which she was part
Growing up and maturing to be a friend
We keep her memory alive to the end.

Kristy was a little tiger,
Climbing anything, fighting harder
At two years old she knew her mind
Each was an adventure to find.
Loving, precious and caring girl,
She was an Angel in our World.


Soft pastel hues yellow, pink and green
Colored her world and enhanced her dreams.
As a girl she liked cooking and flowers
Studying, caring, visiting friends for hours.
A precious daughter and sister adored,
A much beloved gift from the Lord.
Speaking French or sharing laughter with us,
A person to always count on and trust.
As knowledge was gained and friendships found,
A future unfurled of limitless bounds.
Sister, daughter, a special friend,
Her spirit surrounds us, without end.

I Was Kristen

According to lore it has been told,
Itís a legend both true and old.
Mondayís child is fair of face,
But I preferred denim to lace.

I did not fear climbing trees,
Tears not shed from scrapping knees.
My personality was bigger than ME,
Just like the butterfly, I AM FREE.


Sugar, spice and everything nice,
Were the ingredients that created my life.
Sensitive, sweet, thoughtful, and caring,
I was feminine and not so daring.

Puppies, kitties, and bunnies so soft and cuddly,
I handled gracefully and gave them loving.
My soul was pure when to heaven I ascended,
Now I keep golden wings so well tended.

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