MacDonald to MPs at the scene:

Saw two black males, one white male and one woman with long blonde hair, wearing floppy hat and high boots, holding a candle.

MacDonald to attendant on way to hospital:

Heard Colette calling out, "Help me, Jeff.  Help me, Jeff."

Was attacked before he could get to Colette.

Female intruder said "Groovy, hit him again."

MacDonald to ambulance drivers and orderly at hospital:

Saw two black males, one white male and one female wearing white hat and white boots.

Female was carrying candle and saying, "Acid is groovy" and "Kill the pigs."

Intruders wearing "hippie-style" clothing.

The children were saying "Daddy, Daddy."

Woke up in hallway; could see his wife.

Crawled to Colette, pulled knife out and saw she was not breathing.

MacDonald to surgical resident Benjamin Klein:

In living room, on sofa, awakened from sleep by somebody beating on him.

Wife screaming while he is being hit.

Blonde female holding candle was saying something like, "Kill the pigs."

Saw two white males and one black male.

One male had bat.  Another male had knife or sharp instrument.

Male with bat hits MacDonald.

Male with sharp instrument "jabs" at him.

MacDonald is "dancing around," trying to avoid them.  Hears wife screaming while he is doing this.

Notices "little bubble from his right chest."

Examines children; no pulses.

Examines wife. Wife very bloody; looked "very bad."

MacDonald to staff surgeon Merrill Bronstein:

MacDonald tells Bronstein that at one point, "he had looked down at a man's hand and saw - he thought it was an icepick.  He told me to remind him to tell the FBI that it was an icepick."  Said this several times: remembered looking down and seeing a blade that looked like an icepick, said to remind him to tell them about it.






After work, MacDonald plays basketball with some office acquaintances.


Between 5:00-5:30 p.m., he arrives home.


Eats supper with Colette.


Colette leaves for an evening class at the North Carolina Extension at Fort Bragg.

Colette comes home.

Colette comes home.

They sit on couch, have liqueur, watch TV (Bob Hope special; Glen Campbell, 11 o-clock news). Johnny Carson starts.

They watch television together.


Shortly after Johnny Carson starts, Colette goes to bed.


Approx. 11:30 p.m.: Colette takes medication for sleep; goes to bed.  Before Colette retires, MacD puts Kristen in the master bedroom bed with her, gets Kristen a bottle.

MacDonald watches TV, finishes watching Johnny Carson.

MacDonald watches TV.

1:00 a.m.: Reads 50 pages of paperback novel.

1:00 a.m.: Reads 50 pages of a book.

Hears Kristen cry; brings her bottle of chocolate milk.


2:00 a.m.: Finishes novel.


Washes dishes.

2:00-2:30 a.m.: Washes dishes.

Goes to master bedroom; finds Kristen in bed with Colette.

Goes to master bedroom.

Finds that Kristen has wet the master bedroom bed.

Finds that Kristen has wet the master bedroom bed.

Carries Kristen back to her room and puts her in her own bed.

Carries Kristen back to her room and puts her in her own bed.

Takes blanket from Kristen's room.


Goes to living room; falls asleep on couch.

Approx. 2:30 a.m.: Goes to living room; falls asleep on couch.

Hears wife shouting, "Jeff, Jeff, help!" and "Jeff, Jeff, why are they doing this to me?!"  At the same time, hears Kimberly screaming, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy, Daddy!"

Awakens when he hears wife screaming, "Jeff, Jeff, help me, Jeff why are they doing this to me?"  At same time, hears Kimberly scream, "Daddy, Daddy, Daddy" repeatedly.

Opens eyes; sees 4 people standing over him.

Sits up on elbows; sees people at foot of couch.


Sees one black male and two white males at foot of couch.  Black male was on the far left side, walking towards him.


When one white male moved to the side, MacDonald saw a white female behind the two white males.  She was holding a lit candle in her hands in front of her body.


Before MacDonald could say anything, the black male was next to him, with a club in both hands, raised over his head.


Hears female chanting in monotone voice: "Kill the pigs, acid and rain are groovy, man.  Acid is groovy."

Tries to sit up; black male hits him on side of head with baseball bat.

As he raises his hands and arms to protect himself, the black male hits him on the arms and forehead with the club.


Is hit on forehead (again?).


Falls back on couch.  Female continues chanting.


MacDonald begins to fight with black male when one white male starts hitting him in the side.

He grabs bat.  He notices bat is slippery, as if it were covered with blood.


He grabs the club in black male's hands; pulls it down toward him; as he does this, notices black male was wearing Army fatigue jacket with E6 sergeant stripes.  While fighting with black male, he "identified his hands as wet and slippery."

Struggles with intruders.  Feels sharp pain on right side of chest.

While fighting with black male, MacDonald keeps being hit in side by white male.  Feels severe pain in side and chest.

Looks down, sees glint of an icepick blade.


He wrestles his way off end of couch and toward the two steps leading up from living room to hallway.

Fights with three males in hallway.



During fight in hallway, he notices one white male has knife or icepick.


Pushes black and white males away, towards hallway as they were both tearing his pajama top.

Falls forward.


Falls to floor in hallway.  Pain in chest is severe when he falls. As he falls, he sees that the female intruder is wearing high, brown or dark fake leather boots with her white knees showing above the boots. Her knees and boots were “wet, but not bloody.”

Passes out in hallway.

Passes out in hallway.

Wakes at some point later; house silent and dark.  Shivering (so hard teeth were chattering).  Pajama top is bloody, torn, and twisted around his wrists.

Wakes on floor in hallway, with pajama top torn, bloody and twisted around his wrists.

Goes from room to room.  Checks pulses and heartbeats.  Tries to administer mouth-to-mouth resuscitation to each victim; hears only gurgling sounds.

Goes to Kimberly's room; sees blood all over the bed.  Feels for pulse and heartbeat, finds neither.



Goes to Kristen's room; feels for pulse and heartbeat; finds neither.

Pulls small knife from wife's chest.


Covers wife with torn pajama top.


Goes to back door to look for signs of intruders.


Goes to hall bathroom; checks own injuries.


Uses master bedroom phone to call for help.


Uses master bedroom phone to call Fayetteville operator.  Says, “I need an ambulance at MPs at 544 Castle Drive.”  Operator asks questions: SS#, reason for ambulance, etc.


Lays the phone down.


Again goes to check children.

Uses kitchen phone to call for help.


Goes to kitchen and calls operator; repeats request; waits about five minutes before male answers phone.


Goes to master bedroom.


Pulls knife from Colette's chest.


Gives Colette mouth-to-mouth resuscitation; feels no life in body.


Covers her with white towel and his pajama top.


Is awakened by MPs while he was lying near his wife's body.