CID Findings

March 29, 1972:  USACIL Consolidated Report

USACIL Consolidated Report, page 22  Page 22
USACIL Consolidated Report, page 22

Paragraph 56:  Examination of Exhibits E50, E52NB, E57NB, E123, E221, E222, E227 and E229 did not reveal the presence of any hair grossly similar to the known hairs of Exhibits E305 through E313.

Paragraph 57:  Comparative examinations of the hairs from Exhibits E4 and E5 revealed the same to be dissimilar to the hairs from Exhibits E305 through E313.

     a.  Therefore it is the opinion of the examiners that the hairs of Exhibits E4 and E5 probably did not originate from the same point sources as the hairs of E305 through E313.

     b.  However, it must be pointed out that the requested opinion regarding positively eliminating the subject as a possible source of the hair cannot be given without first examining numerous other point sources of body hair from the subject.

AFME Lab Report

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Webmaster note:  Hairs #1 and 3 were Colette MacDonald's. Hair #2 was determined by DNA testing to be Jeffrey MacDonald's.

November 30, 1999: AFME Forensic Trace Materials Analysis Lab Report, p. 2

DNA Findings

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Full transcript (DNA Report)

Page 4:

The following specimens yielded mitochondrial DNA sequences consistent with one another (Group B):

AFDIL Specimen No. Specimen CID No., FBI No., or Reference
51A(2) Hair E5, Q119
58A(2) Hair E-52NB, Q87
112A(3) Hair D-229, Q96.3
199A Blood Jeffrey MacDonald Reference

Related exhibits

E5 Debris from left hand of Colette MacDonald
E308 Pill vial containing hair removed from left arm of CPT MacDonald
E309 Pill vial containing hair removed from right arm of CPT MacDonald

Webmaster note

FBI Exhibits K15 through K18 are the equivalent of CID Exhibits E308 (left arm) and E309 (right arm).

For general information about the taking of hair samples from Jeffrey MacDonald, see the Notes for Exhibit E305.


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