Photos of Kristen MacDonald (includes graphic images)

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U.S. Government and family photos

Kimberley and Kristen MacDonald
Kimberley and Kristen MacDonald
Body of Kristen MacDonald in north bedroom
Body of Kristen MacDonald in north bedroom
Autopsy photo of Kristen MacDonald
Autopsy photo of Kristen MacDonald

CID Findings

USACIL Consolidated Report, page 20  Page 20
USACIL Consolidated Report, page 20

Paragraph 39:  Examination of Exhibits D48NB, D123, E8, E9, E12, E15, E56NB, E57NB and E61NB revealed the presence of human hairs grossly similar in all physical characteristics to the head hair of Kristen MacDonald.

Paragraph 40:  It is the opinion of the examiner that one or more of the human head hairs present in the Exhibits of paragraph 39 could have originated from the head of Kristen MacDonald.

Related exhibits

D123 Purple bed cover bearing red-brown stains from bed in south bedroom
D48NB Red-brown stains from floor near east side of bed from north bedroom
E8 Hairbrush containing hairs from dresser in east bedroom
E9 Hair samples from clothing in north bedroom closet
E12 Hair samples from pillow in south bedroom closet
E15 Hair samples from blue dress on hook in north bedroom closet
E56NB Debris from bedspread on bed in north bedroom
E57NB Debris from pink blanket on bed in north bedroom
E61NB Debris from pillow on bed in north bedroom


February 17, 1970 - April 10, 1972: Excerpts from CID Reinvestigation    

September 16, 1974: Memo re: FBI participating in the case and exhumation of the bodies    

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March 17, 1975: Letter from Bernie Segal to the cemetery, re: exhumation    

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