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U.S. Government photos

Terry cloth robe hanging on bedroom door (left side of photo)
Terry cloth robe hanging on bedroom door (left side of photo)
Terry cloth robe hanging on bedroom door (left side of photo)
Terry cloth robe hanging on bedroom door (left side of photo)

CID Findings

March 29, 1972:  USACIL Consolidated Report

USACIL Consolidated Report, page 19  Page 19
USACIL Consolidated Report, page 19

Paragraph 27:  Examinations of the red-brown stains of Exhibits D12, D55, D62, D63, D66, D67, D69, D71, D221, D222, D223, D224, D230, D233, D234, D235, D236, D237, D239, D5K, D22K, D27K, D29K, D33K(1), D34K(1), D1a, D9, D10a, D11, D14a, D29b, D29c, D30b, D37, D41, D65, D68, D133, D135, D138, I213, D240, D244, D248 and D262 indicated the presence of blood. Further examinations were precluded due to the paucity of the stain.

USACIL Consolidated Report, page 20  Page 20
USACIL Consolidated Report, page 20

Paragraph 33:  Examination of Exhibits D23, D123, D221, D229, D237, E3, E6, E16, E19a, E20a, E24, E32, E52NB, E116, D118, E119, E205, E300, E301, E302 and E303 revealed the presence of fibers identical in type, color, denier, twist, and all other physical characteristics to the fibers of the pajama jacket, Exhibit D210.

Paragraph 34:  It is the opinion of the examiner that the fibers present in the Exhibits of paragraph 33 could have originated from Exhibit D210.

Paragraph 37:  Examination of Exhibits D221, D227, D229, E10, E11, E13, E50, E116, and E120 revealed the presence of human head hairs, grossly similar in all physical characteristics to the head hair of Kimberly MacDonald.

Paragraph 38:  It is the opinion of the examiner that one or more of the human head hairs present in the Exhibits of paragraph 37 could have originated from the head of Kimberly MacDonald.

Related exhibits

E221 Hairs, fibers and miscellaneous debris removed from terry cloth robe

Webmaster note

Exhibit D221 is the terrycloth robe itself, while Exhibit E221 is hairs, fibers and debris from the robe. The CID Findings for Exhibit D221 refer to hairs and fibers, which are not shown in the findings for Exhibit E221. It is not known why the pajama fibers and hair were shown in the findings for D221 instead of E221.

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