CID Findings

March 29, 1972:  USACIL Consolidated Report

USACIL Consolidated Report, page 21  Page 21
USACIL Consolidated Report, page 21

Paragraph 49:  Appropriate examinations of Exhibits E1, E2, E14, E15, E22, E117, E124, E129, E206, E211, E51MBR, E59NB, F60 and F115 were performed. These examinations did not reveal any data of significance or relevance.

USACIL Consolidated Report, page 23  Page 23
USACIL Consolidated Report, page 23

Paragraph 62:  e.  Exhibit E124 conained one (1) animal hair and several fibers from the purple green and pink quilt in the south bedroom. No blood stains were present.

AFME Lab Report

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November 30, 1999: AFME Forensic Trace Materials Analysis Lab Report, p. 4

DNA Findings

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Full transcript (DNA Report)

Page 4:

Based upon mitochondrial DNA analysis, the following specimens yielded inconclusive sequence information:

AFDIL Specimen No. Specimen CID No., FBI No., or Reference
48A Hair E-209, Q88
71A(2) Vial Contents E-303, Q79
93A Hair E-124, Q93
104A(1) Hair E-301, Q78
112A(1) Hair D-229, Q96.1
112A(2) Hair D-229, Q96.2
112B(2) Hair D-229, Q96
112A(6) Hair D-229, Q96.6
113A Hair D-229, Q96

Related exhibits

D124 Quilt bearing red-brown stains from bed in south bedroom
D220 Purple-brown quilt bearing red-brown stain
E116 Debris from pulled-back bedding of bed in south bedroom

Webmaster note

A quilt from the south bedroom (Exhibit D124) was described in Craig Chamberlain's notes (p. 33) as being purple, pink and green. According to the CID, this exhibit was found on Kimberley's bed, and bore no bloodstains. It is assumed by this writer that the quilt being referenced in Exhibit E124 ("Debris from quilt from bed in south bedroom") is the quilt of Exhibit D124.

An exhibit described as "Purple-brown quilt bearing red-brown stain" is listed by the CID as being Exhibit D220. The CID Findings indicate that Type AB blood was found on that exhibit.

The CID Reinvestigation Report (February 17, 1970 - April 10, 1972) describes a "purple-brown quilt" with Type AB bloodstains, and indicates that this exhibit was found on the bed in Kimberley's bedroom (south bedroom).

In the notes of Craig Chamberlain, regarding evidence received from William Ivory, he describes a blanket, brown on one side and purple on the other, and says it was found in the closet in Kimberley's bedroom:

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February 25, 1970: Evidence received by William Ivory (CID), p. 1


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