CID Findings

ca. September 4, 1970:  USACIL Report P-FA-D-C-FP-82-70 (Addendum)

USACIL Report P-FA-D-C-FP-82-70 (Addendum), page 2  Page 2
USACIL Report P-FA-D-C-FP-82-70 (Addendum), page 2

Paragraph 1 (cont'd):  f.  Exhibit E-22 contained one animal hair and one human head hair grossly similar to the head hair of Collette MacDonald. The root of the hair was shrunken and dehydrated, indicating that it was lost through normal attrition.

March 29, 1972:  USACIL Consolidated Report

USACIL Consolidated Report, page 20  Page 20
USACIL Consolidated Report, page 20

Paragraph 35:  Examination of Exhibits D209, D227, D229, E3, E5, E7, E19a, E20a, E22, E50, E63NB, E210 and E302 revealed the presence of human head hairs, grossly similar in all physical characteristics to the head hair of Colette MacDonald.

Paragraph 36:  It is the opinion of the examiner that one or more of the human head hairs present in the Exhibits of paragraph 35 could have originated from the head of Colette MacDonald.

USACIL Consolidated Report, page 21  Page 21
USACIL Consolidated Report, page 21

Paragraph 49:  Appropriate examinations of Exhibits E1, E2, E14, E15, E22, E117, E124, E129, E206, E211, E51MBR, E59NB, F60 and F115 were performed. These examinations did not reveal any data of significance or relevance.

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D20 Pillow case bearing red-brown stains from bed in east bedroom
E20a Debris from pillow case on bed in east bedroom