CID Findings

June 1971:  USACIL Report FA-D-P-C-FP-82-70-R27

USACIL Report FA-D-P-C-FP-82-70-R27, page 1  Page 1
USACIL Report FA-D-P-C-FP-82-70-R27, page 1

Paragraph 1:  Examination of pages 8 thru 13 of Exhibit Z revealed comparable latent prints as follows:

     a.  page 8 - one latent fingerprint.

     b.  page 11 - two latent fingerprints.

     c.  page 12 - one latent fingerprint.

     d.  page 13 - two latent fingerprints (simultaneous prints).

USACIL Report FA-D-P-C-FP-82-70-R27, page 2  Page 2
USACIL Report FA-D-P-C-FP-82-70-R27, page 2

Paragraph 2:  Photographs of these latent prints are retained in the files of this Laboratory and are available for comparison with any record fingerprints submitted.

March 29, 1972:  USACIL Consolidated Report

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FBI Fingerprint Report

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(Emphasis added)

. . . The thirty remaining, eighteen latent palm prints, and six latent impressions appearing exhibits, 1x2, 2x5, 2x34, 3x1, 3x4, 3x6, 3x10, 3x12, 3x20, 3x22, 3x25, 3x29, 4x17, 4x23, 5x4, 5x6, 5x7, 5x11, 5x12, 5x14, 5x18, 6x5 and 6, 6x7, 6x9, 7x1, 7x2, J, L-24, P, S-1, S-2, M, Q, and Z were compared with the available inked prints of Jeffrey Robert MacDonald, Colette S. MacDonald, and with the available inked prints of 125 individuals, whose names appear on the attached list, but no identification were effected. Conclusive comparisons could not be made in some instances because the inked prints are not fully recorded, including tips, sides, lower joint areas of fingers and palm prints, and some of the copies of prints are not completely legible.


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