Who it's about:  The murders of Colette, Kimberley and Kristen MacDonald by Jeffrey MacDonald on February 17, 1970.

What it contains:  A list of exhibits and findings, as well as additional images, notes and resource links for some exhibits.


Click anywhere on any exhibit container to open and close that exhibit.

  Hover the mouse over this icon to see alternate exhibit designations.  GX indicates a Government Exhibit.  FBI Exhibits use either Q (questoned) or K (known) designations.  AFDIL indicates a DNA Exhibit designation.

  Indicates that images are included for that exhibit.

  Indicates that notes and/or other resource links are included for that exhibit.

  Indicates that DNA results are included for that exhibit.

Exhibit Notes

  Indicates that a note contains a link to a full transcript.

  Indicates that a note contains embedded information, such as images or additional notes.

Click on the note title to open and close it.


  Hovering the mouse over this icon will produce a text box showing a footnote.



Most exhibits contain Findings or other sections containing linked exhibits.

Hover the mouse over linked exhibits within the Findings to see a text message ("tooltip") showing a description of that exhibit.

Click on the linked exhibit to go directly to the container for that exhibit.  The container will appear at the top of the screen.

Click the Back button to return to where you were.



Click to open and close photo sections.

Most images are thumbnail-sized by default.

Hover the mouse over the thumbnail image to see a text box containing an image description.

Click once on an image to enlarge or reduce it.

Move a large image by dragging it (hold down the left mouse button on the image and move it).