This page was created for researchers of the murders of Colette, Kimberly and Kristen MacDonald


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From the FBI diagram shown in Joe McGinniss's Fatal Vision, I have created a set of templates that you can print and put together to construct your own model of the apartment.

A simplified version of the FBI diagram is also included.  Each wall on the diagram has a number which corresponds to a template number, so that you can see how the walls fit together.  The finished model will be about 14” x 7” x 2”.

Before printing, be sure your printer is set to “fit to page” or “shrink oversize pages to fit paper size.”  Otherwise, the templates will not print one to a page.

The templates were created using a 1/4”=1' scale.  I' m sorry that this will make joining some walls somewhat difficult (patience is a virtue!), and results in some of the rooms seeming to be pretty small, but there was no other satisfactory option. A larger scale would have made the model easier to work with, but would have resulted in several of the templates being too big to print on single sheets of 8-1/2” x 11” paper.

For those who might want to provide the finished model with a brick exterior, a sheet of brick texturing is included. If you are going to use this, cut out templates to cover the east, north and south walls, and mark the doors and windows before putting your model together.  There is no brick on the west side, since that is a common wall between the MacDonald and Kalin apartments.

I did not include roofing with these templates.  If you want a roof for the east section (the west has no roof, since the Kalin apartment is above that area) you can make a simple peaked roof from your construction material.

If you want to construct scenarios with blood markings and don't want to do that on your original model, extra sets of templates can be printed, upon which you can mark the locations of the four blood types, taping the ”blood” templates to the walls (suggestion: four colors of food coloring might work well for the different blood types).