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Make Your Own MacDonald Apartment

This page was created for researchers of the murders of Colette, Kim and Kristen MacDonald

Images last updated September 26, 2005

Using the diagram that appears in Fatal Vision, I have created a 3D computer version of the Jeffrey MacDonald apartment at 544 Castle Drive, Fort Bragg, North Carolina. This was done by scanning the diagram and then overlaying interior and exterior walls, doors and furnishings.  Objects are not meant to be precise depictions of the exact furnishings, since much of that information is not known to me, but they are reasonable representations.  For example, where the diagram shows “stereo” in the living room, objects have been created to represent the stereo and speakers, sized to fit the dimensions on the diagram.  Some colors may not be correct, but I have tried generally to reproduce to the best of my ability the furnishings in the apartment.  Because this is a diagram and not an actual blueprint, measurements shown on the overlay will not be absolutely to scale.

This is a work in progress. Objects are created and adjustments and refinements are made as more information becomes known to me through the Department of the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division reports and via the knowledgable posters who have researched this case.

These 3D views will eventually be used in reconstructing Jeffrey MacDonald’s various accounts of the night of the murders.  They will also be used to try to recreate what might have taken place according to the prosecution. The first reconstructions will be based on the February 17-20, 1970 CID interviews with Jeffrey MacDonald, and on the same interview(s) as described in Fatal Vision (p. 35). Although the 3D reconstructions of the murders have not yet been created as of this writing, you can view these accounts now at

I should note that I have tried to be as faithful as possible to what is shown in the house diagram that appears in Fatal Vision, but as I studied that image, I discovered that a few things do not appear to be drawn correctly on it.  For example, the Geneva Forge knife found in the master bedroom is drawn in a slightly different place than where it is shown in crime scene photographs.  Kristen’s bed (36” wide according to Fatal Vision) is drawn about 12” wider than that in the diagram.  Another discrepancy involves the first chair to the right of the door in the living room: in the diagram it seems to be drawn as an armless dining chair but a study of the living room photo in Fatal Vision shows that the chair actually seems to be a recliner.  Trusting the photo more than the diagram, I have put in a recliner instead of an armless dining room chair.

Although a dedicated viewing program isn’t needed to see the 3D images, for best viewing (including magnification, slideshow function and other handy features) a viewer such as ACDSee (shareware) is recommended.  You can download ACDSee at:

So for everyone who’s ever wondered what it might be like to be inside 544 Castle Drive, here we go:


Apartment diagram






Living room

Dining room and Kitchen

Master bedroom

Kimberley's bedroom

Kristen's bedroom

Bathroom, utility room and hallway



Differences between Bost's Fatal Justice diagram and Terraserver locations of witness residences